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The ongoing adventures of Ad Astra in Living Forgotten Realms

Ad Astra is an adventuring company welcoming those who enjoy a bit of exploration, a bit of mayhem, and a bit of humor. This chronicles our adventures in LFR on Monday nights at Endgame.

Ad Astra roster

Collector – Warforged swordmage, with a penchant for natural history. Ask him about his drake.

Eira – Eladrin wizard with a bit of an attitude. Likes pie.

Parker – Human rogue, good but… not so big on the scruples.

Grim – Dwarven fighter, retired.

Oddjob – Former minion Warlock

Egor – Dwarven fighter, and expert on tunnels, weilding dual picks.

Chandi – Gnome sorceress, wielder of chaos power

PG – Elven cleric of Sylvanus radiates light and health.

Main Page

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