“Oh yeah? We’ll I’ll show them!”

Eira Glesin comes from a long line of Eladrin wizards. But don’t remind her about that. Her self-imposed exile from her home town has opened her eyes to the wide world around her, confirming her suspicions that her people are entirely too isolationist. What do they know, anyway?

Eira is on a quest to prove and improve herself. She’s learned many things since she started adventuring, soon unlearning much of what her wizards at home had taught her. (Magic missle? Pffft!)

She is very fond of conjurations in particular right now. Her flaming sphere takes the form of a biting, firey skull, ready to chomp anyone who looks at her funny. Her giant ice hand, which she calls “Bugbear’s Icy Grasp”, can grab and crush any monster that threatens.

Eira travels with a warforged named Collector she found in an old tower. He seemed to take a liking to her upon activating, and he’s been with her ever since. He protects her, and she helps him understand the fleshy world.

Eira has a deep fondness for all manner of pie. Pie was not one of the things that was cooked in her town (Eladrin being slaves to tradition), and she has since decided it is one of the finest things in life. Meat pie, fruit pie, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a tavern and it’s dinnertime, Eira wants pie.


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