Down in the tunnels beneath any city, there is endless carving, tunneling and building. Every city needs new passages (secret or not), sewers, and even just storage. Egor was one of the many Dwarves who made his living in these tunnels, mining them out day in and day out.

But as any adventurer knows, underground passages have a way of being infested by all manner of nasties. Over time, Egor found he spent a lot of time bashing in the heads of kobolds, goblins, cultists, and whatever other nasty monsters had inhabited what was due to be the next sub-basement of the castle. He ran into some adventurers doing the same thing, only without the mining. He asked how the pay was, and the next day ventured out into the harsh light of day to seek his fortune with the trade he’d learned – bashing heads in.

Egor fights with two light picks, one in each hand. He has great knowledge of dungeons and dungeon monsters, and isn’t likely to listen to anyone else’s opinions on those matters. It’s just a job but a job he does very, very well.

Things Egor hates:

  • Orcs
  • Half-orcs
  • Humanoids who date/mate with orcs (shudder)
  • Grumosh
  • Clerics of Grumosh
  • Imps


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