“Magic is my business… and business is good!”

Chandi is more than just a tiny, elfin gnome. She is chaos packed into a tiny body. The phrase “Warning – Contents under pressure” describes her magic.

She hails from Waterdeep, where her family has lived for generations. Born with Chaos magic running through her blood, she was a dangerous child, at least once lighting her family’s home on fire.

Chandi’s charm made her popular with the locals, even to the point of palling around with a bunch of half-orc children. They found her amusing, and would pick her up and put her on their shoulders. She often amuses people by shouting in Giant at large creatures from near the ground.

Chandi most often wears a long tunic with hand embroidery, and loosely fitting pants. She is tricky, and powerful. She might sweet talk you one minute, but harm her or her friends, and she will viciously strike you down with an orb of Chaos magic.


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