Ad Astra LFR

Eira - Recent Adventurings

Salty language? It'll get you in trouble.

(Eira – Eladrin Wizard/Smartass)

Perhaps I have been working too hard to shock my friends and family back home. My letters full of adventures are surely opening their eyes to the wide world outside, but in the process, I have been getting into a bit of trouble. My mouth often spouts out words before my brain engages, and I have on more than one occasion nearly entered battle with someone who only wished to help me.

However, adding to my collection of curse words has been very entertaining for me, as the surprise that it brings to have a fey creature such as myself spouting such salty language gets the attention of just about anyone.

Most recently, I encountered a battle that set me back to seriousness about my studies. Swarms of undead raging through the streets of Baldurs Gate – I have never seen anything like it, but I know that it’s my duty and destiny to prevent it.

I will try to tame my mouth the best I can… though I think I might still leave the letters home a bit spicy. After all, they can use a little shaking out of their shells, right?



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