Ad Astra LFR

Egor - Orcs in Thesk

I hate orcs. I really, really hate orcs.

(Egor – Dwarven Tunneler/Fighter)

Today was an eventful one. Met up with a group of fellow adventurers – Xanthan Gum, an elf ranger with a disturbing tendency for eating his foes, Actus, a dwarven warlock after my own heart, dedicated to eating souls and burning what needs burning, Oddjob, a half-elf warlock with a history of minion bossing, and Jake, a leader who kept us all in check.

We came across a strange halfling sitting on a raft in the middle of dry land. He was quite addled – syphilis seemed a possibility – but promised us gold for the retreival of a Radiant Vessel. He believed it would protect him from the flood he insisted was coming. I believe we all had our doubts, but since there was coin in it, we agreed, and traveled to Thesk via a portal he had created.

In Thesk, we soon learned that the leader of the town, an orc, had died the day before – and the inn was closed. Since there was no beer or lodging to be found there, we ventured into the streets.

We found orcs reveling – at least the foul creatures know how to mourn their dead. After some asking around, we attended the funeral, where Actus managed to get into a two fisted drinking competition, as well as a wrestling match. Before I could stop him, Oddjob also jumped into the ring. Amazingly enough, Oddjob shook off the huge orc who tried to throw him, and came out unscathed.

We learned from a girl who was repulsively in love with some orc in the band who we suspected of harming the town leader that they had kidnapped her cousin, who had powerful magic and was also with child. We promised to retrieve her, as well as her beloved – despite my disgust at the coupling. I gritted my teeth, tried not to think about it, and we set off on our way.

We took the map she provided, and headed off to the cave it indicated. After clearing an initial room of dirty orc minions, we found a room full of a necrotic dust. We destroyed a few more minions, and moved on to the last room, where we found one of the deplorable one-eyed clerics of Grumosh, evil eye socket and all – as well as the pregnant woman, already distressed in childbirth. We identified the girl’s unfortunate object of affection, and convinced him to not attack us. We made short work of an imp, as well as the other orcs, and helped to birth the child – a boy, the first in the woman’s line.

We escorted her and the orc back to town, to the thankful words of her cousin. We ventured back to the halfling, explaining that the radiant vessel was in fact a person, not a ship, and he paid us in full.

Not bad for a day’s adventure.



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